Here’s to 104.

I’ve never been athletic. My little sister got every single one of those genes! Sure, I played soccer for three years when I was little, but I only got the ball once, and even then I didn’t score. I played tennis my 7th grade year, but had to quit half-way through the season because, one-I was diagnosed with hyper-mobility syndrome (when my joints are over-worked, they swell and I can’t use them at all…I eventually grew out of it), and two-I was awful. I’m dead serious when I say I’m not athletic.

However, the two things I have always enjoyed are dancing and singing. I am actually good at those. Unfortunately, at this time period in my life, I am not able to focus on either of those because of other commitments. 

However, my junior year of high school, I found out that there is one slightly athletic thing that I can do and be okay with not being “good” at it….Track. I definitely was not the fastest runner out there, and sometimes the hyper-mobility syndrome kept me from doing my best, but I could run. I felt a huge feeling of accomplishment every time I finished the two mile, one mile, or even the 800 meter race. I never won a medal, or even a ribbon for that matter, but I kept running.

Something I have learned throughout my almost-21 years of life, is that nothing can hold me back. You’ve probably realized that’s something that is a recurring theme in my posts. I mean, who would have thought when I was diagnosed with a LUNG DISEASE, that I would be playing instruments, dancing, running track, and even singing?! No one. I am beating the odds.

A friend and I were having coffee just the other day, and we asked each other what we thought our biggest accomplishments in life were. I knew immediately, that my biggest accomplishment has been overcoming death and tribulations, all the while, giving glory to my God who made everything possible.  I am so blessed to say that I have accomplished that. I know what my purpose is in life.

Now to bring this back to the point of my post. I brought up running because, I started running and working out again this week. After a busy semester, I really needed to get back into shape and start caring for my body again. I forgot how freeing it is to run off all of your stress and to literally sweat away any and all heartache (by the way, CFer’s aren’t supposed to sweat-so praise The Lord for that little miracle!!). My body responds well to running. I enjoy the pounding of my feet on the pavement (or treadmill, since it’s been chilly lately). But the thing I enjoy most about running is being able to say that I can do it. My life expectancy with CF is 41 years old. But I’ve been beating the odds since I was born. So here’s to living to be 104-because I can. 


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