Pursuing Rest

I’m not one to post on my blog two days in a row. I don’t want to overwhelm my readers. But, this is my blog, and I’m free to write whenever I want to, right? Right. I’d rather write about what God has shown me today than not write at all (also, I’d much rather write than study for biochemistry…). 

Every Thursday morning during last semester, and now this semester (until further notice), my pledge class and I have what is called “6 am’s”. Yes, we all get up early way before the crack of dawn and meet together. All 34 of us in one small living room. We meet together, we laugh together, we pray together, and we all look pretty ratchet…together.

This morning’s 6 am was no different. We all sat around, most of us on the floor with coffee (for me, it was a chai latte) in hand, and our bibles open. We studied scripture and we talked about unity. We grew together this morning. 

Something that our pledge trainer touched on today, that she had previously touched on last week, was the idea of a word for this semester and a couple of goals for us personally. She asked that we be thinking about these things. If you’re a regular follower, you already know that my word for the year 2014 is grace. But I haven’t necessarily come up with any goals for myself. So I left 6 am this morning pondering what in the world I wanted to do better this semester. 

If you live in Lubbock, TX, you would know that it was about 20 degrees this morning. It was freezing cold and windy. So when I got home, grabbed a blanket, and headed to my front yard, you would have thought I was crazy. But I wasn’t. Okay maybe a little. 

I don’t know what it was, but I was just really feeling The Lord’s presence this morning as I drove home from 6 am. I felt the urge to go sit in a park and read my bible. This was not ideal because of the weather, so I opted for something a little more close to home. 

I grabbed my velvety-soft zebra-striped blanket, buttoned up my second jacket, put on a scarf and some gloves. I walked outside and sat down in one of the two (cold..metal..) chairs that we have on our front patio. It was dark and quiet, except for the occasional rustle of the trees and the leaves on the ground as the wind blew slightly. It was peaceful. Not a soul was in sight.

Five minutes later and my dad turned on the porch light and walked outside to warm up his car before he left for work. I knew he didn’t see me, so I said, “Hi dad.” He definitely thought I was crazy. 

After my dad walked back inside, I looked up at the sky. A few stars were still twinkling, and the half-moon was shining bright. In the east, the sun was just starting to break through the clouds. I couldn’t see the sun, but I started to see the outline of the gray clouds, and the sky suddenly had a hint of blue to it. I wrapped my blanket a little tighter and pulled it up over my nose and mouth in order to keep my hands a little warmer. Then I closed my eyes and I worshipped. Right there in the 20 degree stillness of the morning, I worshipped. I praised God for the beauty that I was currently beholding, and for my senses, that I was actually able to behold this breathtaking beauty that most people do not get to see in the morning because they are so rushed. I thanked God for allowing His peace to be a “referee” in my heart, and I asked that He would continue to rule in my heart. I thanked him for the blanket that was keeping me warm, and for the clothes I was wearing. I thanked Him for my car. I thanked Him for anything and everything that came into my mind. I pursued rest this morning, for the first time in a long time. 

For those of you that know me pretty well, you know that I am the type-A personality type. I’m always on the go, I create lists, I always keep a planner, I always have something that needs to be done, and I have a hard time relaxing. Even when my body is physically resting, my mind is not doing the same. Maybe you can relate?

I have a really good guy friend that I’ve known since my junior year of high school. We’ve become quite close over the years, and he knows of my “inability” to rest. He used to always tease me about it. But for my friend, he has the ability, and I’ve always been a little jealous. He may have a lot on his plate, but he finds the time to just play a couple of video games, spend a little time with his friends, or work on his car. He finds the time to do the things that he enjoys, even when chaos exists. I’ve never known how to do that. I feel like I need to be productive all of the time, and taking 30 minutes to read a chapter or two from a book that I’ve been wanting to finish does not count as being productive. 

I’m jealous of my friend who knows how to pursue rest. 

So when I felt at peace this morning as I sitting in the cold, worshipping my Savior, I decided I wanted to feel that again. So, one of my goals for this semester is to keep a Sabbath. One day of the week, whether it is a Sunday or not, I will pursue rest. I will reflect on what Jesus is doing in my life, and I will let Him rule my heart. 

I think that this is going to be very difficult for me, honestly. Like I’ve said in previous posts, this semester is going to be difficult. I’m involved in many things, I work, and not to mention I’m taking biochemistry, along with four other classes and a lab. It’s a lot. Sometimes it feels like it’s too much. 

Not to mention the extra time that I have to spend taking care of my health (that is my second goal, by the way-to take better care of my body). I spend so much time on breathing treatments and trying to remember to take my pills. I tried to start working out again, but that didn’t last very long. Hopefully though, I can work out at least once a week, and I believe that’s better than nothing! There is just so much to do, and not enough time to do it! But then I thought of something.

Chick-fil-a keeps a Sabbath. In fact, they are one of the only restaurants left who actually sets aside one day of the week for rest. I believe that they get enough business for the seven-day week in just the six days that they are open. I mean, every time I drive by, the lines are crazy long! I am a huge fan of chick-fil-a, so I visit often. I don’t know, maybe God has put some kind of holy spirit mojo in their chicken to keep the customers coming back. But whatever it is, it’s tasty. I find myself craving it quite often, and I see that the rest of Lubbock does as well. 

So you see, I believe that if I set aside a day of rest and reflection, that I will be able to be more productive throughout the week. That I will be able to breathe. To not only inhale, but to exhale. Doesn’t that sound glorious? And if I can do it as a can’t-say-no-hardworking-full time-college-student, then you can too. And together, we can breathe. 


One thought on “Pursuing Rest

  1. Yes, I did think you were crazy for sitting outside on one of the coldest mornings in January! Something I really enjoy are the sunrise and sunsets. God has created such beautiful colors and it is amazing what He does with them during those times. It is a wonderful time to look at His creation, reflect, praise and worship and rest in Him.

    Love you,

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