I’m Not a Super Human {I am Just a Woman}

Just this last week, my parents took my sister and I to the “Rock and Worship Road Show” here in Lubbock. It featured several Christian artists. Karli and I were excited to sit on the fifth row, to the very left of the stage. We were sitting right on the edge, just twenty feet from where the artists took the stage, and exited as well. We saw Third Day up close (I think my mom was way more excited about that than we were), as well as Skillet and Royal Taylor. Karli and I really enjoyed most of the performances, but my personal favorite was Andy Mineo.

If you’ve never heard of him, that’s okay. I hadn’t either before I became an RSC pledge (side note…I got initiated last week! I’m now officially an RSC Active member 🙂 ). Andy Mineo is a Christian hip hop artist, and hip hop is not really my “jam”. I listen to K-Love, and that’s about it for me. Oh and I’m a T-Swift fan, of course. 

But after seeing Andy’s performance, I was really impressed. I’ve never really had a great taste in music (so says a certain sister of mine), but I think Karli was really proud of me when I wanted to buy Andy’s album! So off we went to his booth after his performance to buy his CD. 

Since I bought it, I’ve listened to literally nothing else. I’m the newest Andy Mineo fan, and my rapping skills are improving (I had none to begin with). 

Music is something that God has always used to speak to me, and hip hop is no different. What I’m learning from Andy’s songs is what I am calling #LessonsFromAndyMineo. You may have seen my latest on Facebook, “If I hold a grudge, I don’t show He has risen.” Powerful, right?? 

Today, as I listened to his album for the 100th time, I learned I’m not a super human. What a realization. HA. But, stay with me here. 

If you live in Lubbock, you have probably noticed the insane weather we have been having. Just a couple of days ago, it was about thirty degrees. Today, it was almost seventy degrees. Next week, we will probably drop back down into the fifties, even though we are supposed to hit eighty degrees Saturday. If you don’t live in Lubbock: 1. I am not lying. 2. Be grateful you live else-where. 

But most of you probably know what weather changes mean. That’s right, allergies. Well, Monday morning as I was sitting in my 8 am class, I started sneezing. Not once, but quite a few times. I knew immediately what was coming after that. Tuesday I woke up with the sniffles and my (regular) cough had increased. By Tuesday evening, I had hit the bottom of the hill. Congestion, headaches, runny nose, stuffy nose, sore throat, and not to mention that I could barely breathe because of all of the mucus that was clogging…everything. It was awful.

Unfortunately, I have a 5pm-8pm class once a week on Tuesdays, so I knew I had to go. A friend of mine commented that I looked like death, if that tells you how I felt (and apparently looked).

I took a benadryl just to make sure I would get some sleep, even though I had to wake up early for my 8 am on Wednesday. 

I carried dayquil around in my backpack all day Wednesday, as well as a package of kleenex and my inhaler. I even visited the campus Starbuck’s twice for some hot tea to sooth my throat. 

When friends noticed that I wasn’t feeling good, they commented how they had had it too-the allergies that come with changing weather. Everyone said they just took some meds and they were better within just a few days. Well today is Thursday and I still feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. My breathing is labored and my cough seems to be getting worse. 

My mom came home from work and I told her that my mucus had become dark green-a sign of a bacterial infection (I’ve told you before that I’m going to be real with you!). She asked if I had called the doctor. Ummm….noooooo. I don’t like doctors. And none of my friends called their doctor when they got these allergies. But my mom reminded me that once I start going down hill, if I don’t do something to stop it, then I’m going to end up in the hospital. Oh. Right. 

Sometimes I forget that I’m not like my “healthy” friends. I have a lung disease. Mucus builds up in my lungs, making it harder to breathe on a daily basis. But when I’m sick and the mucus is extra thick…oh man. Keep the tissues and the trash can handy. I’m coughing up a lung even as I sit here typing. Okay, not really. But it sure feels like it. 

Maybe my friends don’t have to call the doctor every time they have allergies and congestion. But most of the time, I do. I have to remember that I’m not a super human. I’m just a woman. Weak and weary, with a lung disease. I have to be careful, as well as vigilant, when it comes to my health. 

My only worry is that I will fall behind in school. I’ve got three tests coming up (one of which is biochemistry-*gag*) and I can’t afford to fall behind. So not only does Andy Mineo remind me that I’m not a super human, but he reminds me that I have a super God. A God that loves me and provides me with His strength-because I cannot do this on my own. 

So tomorrow, I will call my doctor and make an appointment. I ask for your prayers as I continue to fight off the bacteria that grow in my lungs. I ask that you pray for me as I am reminded to be disciplined in every aspect of my life. Pray for me as I continue to be a joyful breather. I pray that you will remember that you are not a super human either, but the same super God that I have, is the same God YOU have. You cannot live this life on your own. Give it to God, and let Him take care of you 🙂



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