And Many More


Reality is setting in. I will be 21 years old in less than 24 hours. After tomorrow, I will have had 21 birthdays! Each one of those birthdays has been so completely special to me. Even if the day didn’t go exactly as planned, it was a day that I could never forget. Turning 21, for me, is a milestone. In fact, every birthday is a milestone for me. Every birthday is a day that I completely cherish and value.

You know my story by now. When I was diagnosed with CF, my life expectancy was 18 years old. And now I’m (almost) 21???? I’d say that is pretty cool! I’ve gotten to do so many things that doctors said I never could or would be able to do because of my disease. I have proven the doctors wrong with each birthday that has come and gone. I have celebrated my life now for 21 years…that’s 3 more years than I was supposed to have.

Can I just say that that’s something that I feel most people only hear in movies? The main character has cancer or some other terminal illness and she lives longer than she was supposed to. People cheer for her. She celebrates. She lives. Sometimes it’s really surreal that I am living that reality. People cheer me on. I celebrate. I am living.

Every year for my birthday, I like to do something really fun with my friends (after I turned 18, family birthday parties were considered to be non-existent). My mom keeps thinking that I’m too old to have friends over or have a birthday party. Sure, some people may think that, but not me! Like I said earlier, birthdays are something to be cherished! Birthdays mean celebrating life! Celebrations are cause for friends, family, and lots of food.

So yes, I am having a birthday celebration again this year-complete with a BBQ, s’mores, and a movie. All of my friends are coming, and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with them.

I am so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to live my life for Him. I am grateful for the blessings that He pours onto me daily, and I am so thankful to be celebrating yet another year on this earth. Without Jesus, I would have no purpose and no reason to celebrate my life! I pray that I continue to live my life fully in order to glorify Him.

Wow, I’m (almost) 21…and looking forward to many more.

{Take THAT cystic fibrosis!}


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