Well, to say it’s been a hard week would be an understatement. Last Monday, I went to work feeling fine. Throughout the day though, I began to have a sore throat and drainage. I got home that afternoon and suspected I had strep throat. After going to one of the clinics here in Lubbock, my suspicion turned out to be correct. I was directed to take 500mg of Amoxicillin (amoxil) three times daily. By Wednesday, I was back at work, but still not feeling well. I was coughing, and my nose was both runny and stuffy. I ended up not being able to stop coughing all day and all night. By thursday, my ribs and abs were extremely sore. I couldn’t move without something hurting. So I called my doctor in Fort Worth and requested stronger medications. I was given Levaquin and Bactrim to take daily.

Today is Monday, and I’m feeling a lot better. I’m definitely not as sore as I was yesterday, and my voice is almost completely back. I haven’t gotten much sleep and I’m still coughing, but my sweet boyfriend bought me a whole bag of strawberry cough drops that are helping a lot.

I haven’t been able to do much or participate in a lot this past week, although if you asked me, I would tell you I can do anything. I got into trouble with both my mother and my boyfriend after I refused to call in sick Wednesday to work and after I told them I absolutely couldn’t miss the pledges in my sorority getting initiated (which was true!).

I tried explaining it to them this way: I don’t feel good most days, but I have to push through it to get through the day. So even when I’m sick on top of the issues I have with CF, I try to push through. Makes sense right? But what I’ve realized throughout this experience, is that I’ve tried to rely on my own strength this entire week. But I’ve also learned that when I do that, I’m not relying on Christ and His strength. I completely ignore the fact that I need Him daily, no matter what.

Because this is my first post of the year 2015, you, as my readers, are unaware that my “word” for this year is reliance. I’m trying to focus on complete reliance on God. Through finishing and submitting my Dietetic Internship Application this month, (hopefully) getting matched to an internship in April, passing Medical Nutritional Therapy II, graduating in May, starting graduate school/my internship, and the many other things that come with being an almost-twenty-two year old, I need to rely on the Lord for wisdom, guidance, and peace of mind. I’ve focused so much on relying on Him for the bigger things, that I’ve forgotten to rely on Him for the little things, like just making it through the day.

So as I’m slowly getting over being sick and not feeling well, I’m thankful for the reminder to rely on God through all things. I’m reminded to be grateful for those that take care of me and want the best for me. And so, even though it hasn’t been a fun week, it’s been one full of blessings and my reliance on the Lord has definitely grown stronger.


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