Guest Post-Jason Robison

Well, this was my first trip to Fort Worth in a long time- and my first time  to see what Jordan’s appointments were like. The day started too early trying to get on the road to get there by lunch, since the appointment was at 1:30 and we were going to make a day trip out of it. The drive up was nice, and everything was going well until we got into Fort Worth and had to find parking so we could go to lunch. After going in circles and maybe accidentally going the wrong way down a one-way, we found a spot in a paid parking area and had some lunch. Next we went to the hospital, dropped the car off, and then went inside to check-in. The wait to get called back from the waiting room wasn’t very long, and then they got right to getting vitals and weight and such before we were taken to a room. I was extremely thankful that Jordan’s new tube feed hadn’t been leaking and had allowed her to gain a lot of weight. Then we went to do her PFTs. I knew it had to with lung capacity, but I had no idea what the test was like. You basically have to close your nose, take a deep breath, and then exhale for a very long time as hard and as fast as you can. It probably was only a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity before the nurse told her to stop exhaling. And then she did it two more times! I felt out of breath just watching haha. Next, we waited in a room as various nurses and others, like her dietitian, came in to ask various questions. It was really cool to see how much detail and time the everyone put into making sure records were up-to-date and how many questions Jordan was asked where there was some discussion on the topic. It was really interesting when Jordan was talking to her dietitian, between her knowledge and the dietitian’s knowledge, I was a little lost as they went through good meal ideas, tube feed rates and details, and all kinds of snack ideas that would maximize her weight gain. It also was amazing to hear how many things they encourage for Jordan’s health. Between the various breathing treatments, vitamins, and all the snacks, they really help her live every day better. It was great to finally meet the doctor Jordan sees and I was really thankful for the level of care she receives there. We also talked about Jordan’s favorite thing- having children in the future. We talked about birth control and risks and things to know about pregnancy and having CF. The doctor suggested that I think about getting tested to see if I carry the CF gene, which I wasn’t too excited about since I have yet to have blood drawn in my life (a fact that blew Jordan’s mind since she’s a pro at it). Thankfully, everything went very well and there was nothing but good news from this visit. Jordan said I was her “good-luck charm” since everything went so well, and I sure hope I can keep that up in all of our visits in the future! Between all the waiting to see everyone, we didn’t get out of the hospital until around 4:30- just in time to get dinner and get stuck in five o’clock traffic! We grabbed some in ‘n out burger (it was my first time there) and hit the road. Traffic wasn’t as awful as I had expected, but we did get stuck for a little while on the edge of Fort Worth barely crawling for a good stretch. Thankfully after that, the ride home was pretty nice and we made it back in good time since we both had work the next morning. Overall, the trip there and back in a day was really not that bad, and it was really nice to get to see how Jordan’s appointments went. I am very thankful for the care she receives at Cook’s and I look forward to correctly using one-ways and getting more in ‘n out burgers in future trips.


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