A Reason to Smile

The house Jason and I will be living in (in  LESS THAN ONE MONTH OMG) is under construction as my parents are graciously re-doing both bathrooms, the laundry room, some of the hallways, and the master bedroom. Wedding stuff seems to be flowing from my ears. Stress and anxiety are higher as we get closer to August 6th, but the joy is escalating as well.

Yesterday, my sweet friend Hannah Holder and my MOH (Karli), along with my other bridesmaids, put together and threw me the best bachelorette party! We went to dinner at one of my favorite Mexican Restaurants and took a silks class. None of us had ever done a silks class before, but we loved it! Yes, every part of me is sore today, but I’m going back! The girls came back to my future house (Jason spent the night with the guys and graciously let us girls have the house) and we had the lingerie shower portion of the evening. We played games and a few of the girls stayed the night. It was the best “fling before the ring” I could have asked for!


As you can see, I am concentrating really hard to get this pose right.

As the wedding day gets closer, I am slowly becoming more aware that my time living at home with my parents and sister is coming to an end. In 26 days.

I’ve lived at home my entire life-for 23 years! I don’t know anything else. I don’t know how to live with anyone else. It’s honestly a scary thought for me.

I’ve started thinking of all the things I will miss…

Coming home and telling my mom about my day. Seeing my dad in the living room on his iPad and watching TV. The dogs greeting me at the door with their noses pressed against my legs wondering where I have been. Sharing a bathroom with Karli (just kidding. I won’t miss this).

I honestly think the hardest part will be not having my own space anymore.

Karli and I have never shared a room. If we had, one of us would not be alive right now, I’m sure of that. Yes, Karli and I have enjoyed several sleepovers in one anothers’ room, but we are both complete opposites and would have fought even more than we did! So I have always had the luxury of going to my room whenever I needed to get away. But now, I’ll be living with a boy…and sharing a room with said boy. The thought is unappealing, if I’m being honest.

Of course I love Jason and I am SO excited to be marrying him, but he is really not the most organized person in the world (Jason don’t hate me 🙂 ). I’m sure many wives can relate. The laundry basket seems to go unnoticed. There are many, many hairs in the sink leftover from the morning shave. You come home to a stench that makes your nose hairs cringe and find there is leftover food in the sink that has started to mold.

I’m sure there are many more. But since I’m not living with my man yet, these are just the few I have experienced.

Don’t get me wrong-I have my flaws too! I take up most of the bathroom counter. I need the entire closet for myself, I already know. I leave things plugged in even when I’m not using them (this annoys Jason, who likes to save money-one of the many reasons why I love him!). I probably have many other flaws and Jason is just nice enough not to tell me what they are. Or he hasn’t figured them out yet, lol.

Yes, I’m sure having a roommate will be loads of fun. I say that sarcastically, but also, I think it will be the reality.

Sure, Jason is messy and doesn’t keep things maybe as clean as I would like them. But let me tell you something about my future husband. He is the most selfless, serving and sacrificial man you will ever meet.

I came home last week from Fort Worth for my doctor appointment (all good news by the way), and Jason and I had had a “talk” about keeping the house clean before I left. Well I came over that night to find most of the house had been cleaned. Dishes were done, candles were lit (my fave) and dinner was made. Y’all. This man LOVES me.

Not only does he work hard to keep the house clean, but every week, he is outside doing yard work to keep our front and backyard looking perfect. He mows, weed-eats, edges, and waters the grass and plants.

I’ve grown up watching my dad do all of this, but didn’t realize how much it would mean to me as a (future) wife. Jason loves well. He is always seeking for ways to love me, serve me and respect me.

**Side Note: Jason cooks dinner for me every night. Literally. Every. Night. God bless him.

I will miss being at home with my family. I’ll miss living across the hall from Karli and going to her room for one of our late-night talks, or letting her talk me into a Starbucks run. I’ll miss everything about my home.

But my new home awaits. So maybe Jason is messy. But I love him. I hope I can love him and serve him the way he does me. Y’all, he is going to make the best husband. Maybe having Jason as a roommate won’t be so bad. I’m learning that, instead of focusing on the negative “what could be’s”, I should focus on the positives. It might give me a new reason to smile.


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