“Hope When It Hurts”


Hope When It Hurts, written by Kristen Wetherell and Sarah Walton

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. Specifically, the Journey Women podcast. A friend of mine (shout out to you, Sarah Kiriacon!), shared a particular episode on her Instagram story, and I knew I had to listen to it.

I’ve never really been a podcast listener. I just don’t have the time. Or so I thought! Since I started listening to the Journey Women podcast, I can’t stop! I listen to at least one episode a day. It has brought me closer to Jesus as I listen on my way to Idalou, to UMC, and then on my way home. I am constantly growing, and I love it!

Today, I listened to an episode titled, “Hope When It Hurts with Sarah Walton”. I didn’t really choose to listen to this episode today, it was just “next” on the list. Little did I know, that the Lord knew I would need that episode, specifically, today.

Living with cystic fibrosis is hard, frustrating, disappointing and sometimes, it’s heartbreaking. Sometimes it sucks.

The CF community lost a friend today.

Lea was someone that inspired the community to do better, be better. She was a nurse and was someone who dared to live life beautifully.

In the past several weeks, CF reared its head and it took her life.

To say that we are saddened is an understatement.

We are pissed. Heartbroken. At a loss for words.

We are hurt.

You see, it was sudden. Lea’s passing was unexpected to us. We know that we have shorter life spans than the average person. We are aware that we will most likely not outlive our parents, friends or spouses. We know it. No one has to remind us.

It can be really tempting, and really easy, to live in this fear. This fear of dying. Wondering how long we have. Wondering what we will get to experience before our lung function crashes and we require oxygen, or worse, need a lung transplant because our lungs have failed us.

Our lungs can fail. But Jesus doesn’t. He will never fail us. Jesus is the reason that I choose to not live in fear.

Psalm 34:18 tells us, and reminds us, that “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit”.

I am so grateful that He knows how I am feeling. He feels for me and what I am trying to work through. I know I can’t go through this alone. I have my husband, my family, even my sweet coworkers who let me cry in the office today and who reminded me that I am strong. And I have God and the hope He gives me.

I have hope that one day, there will be a cure for this disease, even if its not in my lifetime (although I reallyyyy hope it is). I have hope that the Lord will heal me, even if it means I am healed by going home to see Him.

I know the Lord has great plans for my life. I know my purpose is to glorify Him through all I do. I choose to believe that, rather than revert back to my old self-when I lived in depression and chose to hide away from everyone and everything.

The Lord is good, and so sweet. He is sweet to give me more time. He is good, to allow me time to live out my dreams and plan a future with the people I love.

In 1 Peter 1:13, we are commanded to set our hopes fully on the grace that will be brought to us at the revelation Jesus Christ.

Below, I’ve listed a few of my favorite quotes from the Journey Women podcast, because yes, it’s that good.

“If our hope is anchored to Christ, our identity is rooted in Him and His work on the cross. Our joy comes from being invited to enter into His joy, our victory is connected to the power of the resurrection…”.  – Amy Waters, When the holidays are hard, ep. 80

“Those of us who belong to Christ have overwhelming cause to be grateful, regardless of the circumstances.” – Mary Mohler, Gratitude and Hospitality, ep. 79

“If you’ve trusted Christ, your real life is secure in Him. And one day, we will experience true joy in the presence of our Father, unburdened by sin, surrounded by friends, and finally real.” – Catherin Parks, Authentic Friendship, ep. 76

“While your justification cost you nothing, your sanctification will cost you everything.” – Jen Wilkin, The Will of God, ep. 74

And last, but not least:

“We have to go to the cross because that is the essence of our faith. Christ died and rose again so that our suffering wouldn’t be hopeless anymore.” – Sarah Walton, Hope When It Hurts, ep. 73

I hope that you know, that the God I serve is not just my God. He is your God as well. We have a God who can bring purpose to our suffering. What a great God we serve!


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